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Constant change represents new opportunities.

Statistics show that despite the recent global recession’s having stalled many other industries, the film industry has reported increasing revenues and continued growth. Like others, the entertainment industry is subject to constant changes. Major studios shifting their focus to mainly  big budget films.  Hence, the supply of feasibly-budgeted, mid-size studio films  has been receding. Meanwhile  the demand for this content  is ever increasing, due to the  higher amount of licensing opportunities and channels available today.  In addition to the growing amount of cinemas and television channels around the world, today’s licensing opportunities include video-on-demand, DVD-delivery services internet download,  and streaming services, phone apps, video games, etc.

The market is looking for  major-studio-quality, commercial content priced feasibly.  Therefore, a plethora of opportunities exist for financiers and filmmakers, who deliver what the market demands today.

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The IFFC formed  global partnerships with established organizations to support its mission to inform about important trends and news in media finance,production and distribution around the world. Market conditions and  demands are constantly changing. Being informed and prepared is the key to sustain changes successfully.

IFFC is a proud supporter of Film Finance TV . Film Finance TV provides news and trends around  media financing. Media partners are Screen Daily and Bloomberg Television. Film Finance TV provides  important essentials for financiers and filmmakers to safely maneuver through a complex industry. Guest speakers on the show  reveal up to date industry insider  information and share their recent experiences. Film Finance TV invited  IFFC members to participate in these important discussions. Film Finance TV will broadcast live from the Cannes Film Festival  and from the Los Angeles American Film Market.

IFFC is a proud partner of the yearly Halifax Co-Production Finance Conference,one of the world’s per-eminent co-production/co-financing markets focusing on feature film, TV and mufti-platform distribution. Top international industry players offer one-on-one meeting sessions and round table discussion with attendees, producing tangible results.

IFFC speakers support The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), which addresses the professional needs of Latino/Latina independent producers. It is the premiere Latino media organization, addressing for twelve years the most underrepresented and the largest ethnic minority in the country.

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About us

The International film Finance Circle (IFFC) builds a bridge between the finance and the entertainment industry.  IFFC conferences  take place at  major international film festivals across the globe and  provide essential news  and important trends around entertainment financing . The speakers are selected members from all areas in media finance.

As the leading voice of global film industry IFFC’s  founding media partner Screen International publishes the highlights from each conference through its print and digital products. The Bloomberg Channel as the leading Network in business and economy will broadcast each televised round table conference.

 IFFC is a by-invitation-only  members club. Its members consist entertainment industry executives who are primarily involved in the financing, production and distribution  of  motion pictures and television programming. Member include established  producers, financiers (senior / junior debt, equity financiers and tax credit lenders), agents and managers,  sales agents and distributors, as well as entertainment lawyers. These internationally established industry executives share recent experiences, and  new market trends and production/talent deal structures, and emerging finance structures .



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